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Vaccine in development to treat coronavirus

The world scientific community started researching a possible preventative vaccine against the coronavirus, when the outbreak started showing signs of developing into a full-blown pandemic.

Vaccine in development to treat coronavirus
Vaccine in development to treat coronavirus

The containment strategies adopted by various governments can only slow the process of the spread. But, they cannot completely prevent the virus from infecting a person. As soon as the WHO declared COVID-19 pandemic, the next step was to look into the possibility of developing a vaccine.

At the moment nearly 35 companies are competing to develop a vaccine. And, four companies have already stared trials on animals. One of the companies, a biotech firm called Moderna based in Boston is confident that they can go into human trials quite soon.

It was China that initially sequenced the genetic material of ‘Sars-CoV-2’. It is the virus that causes Covid-19. China shared this sequence with the scientists around the world in early January. And, this expedited the research process in developing a vaccine.

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