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United States Senate reaches historic $2 trillion deal

The United States Senate arrived at a bipartisan deal to provide relief to small businesses and allocate more resources to hospitals and states in their fight to control the raging coronavirus in the country.

United States Senate reaches historic $2 trillion deal
United States Senate reaches historic $2 trillion deal

At the moment, the number of cases reported from the US stands at 61,062, just a few thousands below China’s 81,218 and Italy’s 74,386. However, with 73,650 recoveries, China’s active cases are a mere 4,287. And, Italy’s number of recovered stands at 9,362, with a staggering number of 57,521 active cases. Quite alarmingly, there are only a meagre number of 387 recovered cases in the U.S. The country leads the active number of cases with a massive number of 59,837 cases.

A number of states are already on lockdown but, it appears that the vast majority of the population has not taken the pandemic quite seriously. Already hospitals are overrun with positive coronavirus cases. New York City itself is short of 17,000 beds. Daily, thousands of new cases are being reported.

Senate Majority Leader, rejoicing the deal said that nobody is under illusion that this outbreak can be controlled with legislation. He also pointed out that hurting the economy is not going to help controlling the virus.

Unfortunately, however, the Republicans and Democrats are yet to see eye-to-eye on the deal. Democrats term the stimulus package a bailout deal for rich businesses, who will likely to hurt by the extended lockdowns experienced in many parts of the U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump continues to emphasis that this deal will secure small businessmen and hardworking Americans. But, Democrats vehemently disagree saying the President is only looking after his own private business interests and those of his own class.

Today, 6,206 new cases were reported from the U.S. and all 50 states have reported at least one case.

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