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U.S. coronavirus cases now over 100,000

The latest test figures show that the U.S. coronavirus cases now over 100,000. Within just two days, the number of cases rose sharply from 68,000 to 104,000, recording the highest jump shown in any country affected by the virus, including China.

U.S. coronavirus cases now over 100,000
U.S. coronavirus cases now over 100,000

A little over 18,000 new cases were added to the U.S. coronavirus figures on March 26 and on March 27, nearly 17,500 new cases were added. In total, 1,700 deaths have been recorded. However, the recoveries seem to be very few as the number of active cases are still over 100,000.

However, the medical community argues that the actual figures may be far higher than this because only those who display severe symptoms or those who can afford it get tested.

Many charge that the U.S. was slow in responding to the global outbreak of the coronavirus. It is believed the President Donald Trump received many intelligence information warning about the outbreak in January. But, it appears that he underestimated the effect it would have on the U.S.

Trump continued to espouse the idea that the warm climate would prevent the virus from spreading in the country. This was mostly due to the delay in the coronavirus reaching the African continent. This put many other countries into a false sense of security that the virus was not capable in thriving in warm climates.

However, according to latest data, all the countries in the world, including those in the African continent, have recorded cases.

But, the virus seems to be having less devastating effects on countries where there is are strong public healthcare systems. They were quick to respond to the outbreak. And, they started testing all suspected cases, regardless whether they had health insurance or not.

Where the U.S. went wrong in the fight against the coronavirus is that only the rich could afford to get tested. And, millions of ordinary, working class Americans couldn’t afford to get the test.



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