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FDA has approved 15-minute coronavirus test

The United States’ Food and Drug Administration FDA has approved 15-minute coronavirus test. FDA recommends it for emergency testing. They claimed today that any risks involved with this rapid test will definitely outweigh its benefits.

FDA has approved 15-minute coronavirus test
FDA has approved 15-minute coronavirus test

It said that it is possible that there can be false negatives and positives. But they added that such a situation would not affect the controlling of the virus and its spread.

FDA has approved 15-minute coronavirus test

The same technology used for testing the common flu, called rapid testing, is used in this case. The objective is to test a large number of people in order to implement proper isolation and quarantine procedures.

The authorities also hope that this would increase the number being tested now. The total number of reported cases in the U.S. at the moment stand at 115,976 as 11,850 cases were added to the number today. There were 239 deaths reported today, bringing the total to 1,935.

However, experts believe the actual number of infected could be far more than this reported number. One of the reasons for many opting out of testing is the time it takes to release the results.

Critical shortage

Even though a solution has been found to expedite the testing process, there is a critical shortage of essential equipment such as masks and swabs.

The developer of the rapid test, Abbott Laboratories, expects to deliver 50,000 test kits every day at the beginning of next week.

The reported cases around the world stand at 645,000 as at now. The number of deaths stand at 29,940.

While other countries, including China, have or are effectively fighting the novel coronavirus disease, some other countries are struggling to keep their noses above water. Apart from the U.S. several countries in Europe are facing one of the biggest health care diseases that hit the world. Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK are struggling to cope with the massive number of cases that are being added to the health care workers.


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