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Coronavirus cases rising in the U.S. again

Experts have noticed another wave of coronavirus cases rising in the U.S. with the onset of the fall season. In particular, the number of cases reported from the Midwest has seen a rapid increase. Hospitals in certain areas are struggling to cope with the coronavirus cases rising in the U.S.

As of Tuesday, a large number of cases reported from across the country. The number of coronavirus cases rising in the U.S. to 8.5 million and the recorded deaths passed 226,000.

In an alarming development, the University of Michigan has recorded more than 1,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. This prompted the University to order all its students to stay in their places for the required 14-day period.

Why are coronavirus cases rising in the U.S.?  

The general disregard for the seriousness of the virus is one of the main reasons why the coronavirus cases rising in the U.S. in such large numbers.

The world witnessed how the general population of the U.S. flouted advice given by the medical professionals ever since the pandemic broke out. And, it didn’t help matters when the U.S. President himself failed to follow such advice. However, the rest of the world has been taking stringent measures to control the virus spread. And, this resulted in many countries successfully controlling the virus spread.

Numbers getting worse

The U.S. is home to about 4 per cent of the world population. However, the coronavirus cases reported from the U.S. amounts to more than 20 per cent of the total global cases, which is an alarming development.

More than 62,000 cases were added to the total number of cases, yesterday. And, the number of news cases identified the day before was 58,000. As of today, the number of cases, per million in the population is over 25,000. North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin are the worst affected States.

Winter warning

The upcoming winter season is going to make things worse for the U.S. Virus expert Dr Anthony Fauci has already warned that controlling the virus spread during winter is not going to be easy. And, he has urged people to take extra precautions during this period.

Unfortunately, a vast number of Americans refuse to follow the guidelines set by health professionals. Many refuse to wear a mask. And, they flout social distancing rules. But, most importantly, they play down the seriousness of the virus with the claim that this is just flu.

Small consolation

Despite the coronavirus cases rising in the U.S., the death toll seems to be falling. July and August recorded a staggering number of 1,000-deaths a day. However, by October the number started falling.

By early October the daily death toll was around 750. On Monday, a little over 450 deaths had occurred. But, Tuesday saw another spike with the number of deaths reaching the 950 mark.


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