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China to relax lockdown conditions in Wuhan

After more than two months, China to relax lockdown conditions in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus. This marks a significant milestone in the fight against the deadly virus. China imposed a complete lockdown on Wuhan, the main city of Hubei Province on January 23.

China to relax lockdown conditions in Wuhan
China to relax lockdown conditions in Wuhan

Accordingly, all sea, air, rail links to the city were completely blocked. And, only the vehicles supplying essential food and medicinal items were allowed in. Now, travel restrictions will be lifted on April 8. All transport services in the other cities in the Hubei Province will resume tomorrow (March 25).

The timely and quick action by the Chinese authorities appear to have made a difference in controlling the virus spread, despite the initial seemingly out of control surge of coronavirus cases in Wuhan. This is exactly what has led China to relax lockdown conditions in Wuhan.

This is a direct result of drastic reduction in the number of cases reported daily. The new cases in Hubei dropped to zero on March 19. And this continued for five consecutive days. This was an area where more than a thousand cases were reported on a single day.

The Chinese authorities built a 1000-bed temporary hospital in the province to cater to the rising number of patients. This hospital was dismantled recently, given that no new cases were reported from the area.

Unfortunately, the last new case reported from Wuhan was a doctor attached to the main hospital in the city, who had been treating coronavirus patients. As of Monday, Hubei Province accounted for 67,801 cases and 3,160 deaths.

Wuhan is a city of 11 million people and Hubei is home to a staggering 60 million people. This region was on lockdown for more than two months. It shows that such stringent measures were necessary to control the deadly coronavirus.

The success of such measures were apparent by the decision of China to relax lockdown conditions in Wuhan.

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