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Buckingham Palace says Queen is doing well

Buckingham Palace issued a statement announcing that Queen Elizabeth II is doing well and is in good health.

Buckingham Palace says Queen is doing well
Buckingham Palace says Queen is doing well

With the announcement that UK PM Boris Johnson was tested positive for the coronavirus, questions arose about the health of the 93-year-old monarch. It was learnt that PM Johnson last met the Queen on March 11. At that point he would most probably have been carrying the virus, although he may not have displayed any symptoms.

The PM went into self-isolation at 10, Downing Street. But, he announced on twitter that he only displays mild symptoms. And he said he is ready to lead the effort to combat the coronavirus from his self-quarantined quarters. However, many have already questioned the practicality of such a decision.

Meanwhile, the Palace statement only announced that the Queen was in good health but did not say whether the monarch was tested for the virus or not.

A similar statement was issued soon after her son, Prince Charles, the next in line to the British throne, was tested positive for the virus last week.

He is also said to be displaying mild symptoms and was tested positive. However, his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall has been tested but was found to be negative. Nonetheless, the couple have gone into self-quarantine at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

There are many speculations about various other member of the British Royal family, who might be tested positive for the virus, due to their possible associations with those who have been tested positive. However, no confirmation on any such rumors have been made by their respective offices.

The UK is now at the eighth place with more than 14,500 confirmed cases and over 750 deaths. Their health resources are stretched thin at the moment due to the large number of reported cases.

The country was slow to respond to the health disaster unfolding around the globe. And, now they are dealing with the consequences of waking up too late to deal with a surging global pandemic.



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