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Ayurveda Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus effects

An ancient Ayurvedic concoction, Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus and its debilitating effects. Coronavirus has taken over the world. But, so far, a remedy or a vaccine has not been fully developed. The number of cases and deaths keep increasing by the day.

However, an age-old Ayurvedic medicine appears to be making headway in keeping this fatal virus away. According to Ayurvedic experts, Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus quite effectively.

They say the anti-inflammatory properties contained in the syrup can ease coronavirus symptoms. And, it can also boost immunity and minimize the probability of catching the virus.

Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus
Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus

What is Sudarshana Syrup?

Sudarshana Syrup is not new. It has been used in countries such as India, Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries for centuries for various illnesses. Some say, this remedy has been used since the beginning of Ayurvedic treatments. Also, it is used to cure illnesses in both adults and children.

Sudarshana Syrup contains about 50 ingredients. And, swertia chirata is the main ingredient. It is a plant that grows in the Himalayan region. Its taxonomic name is Gentianaceae. And, in Ayurveda, it is known as Kirata tikta. Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus due to its anti-pyretic qualities, which means it can ease fever.

Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus

Coronavirus symptoms are somewhat similar to flu symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are high fever, inflammatory conditions in the body, sore throat and dry cough. And, this syrup works wonders when easing such symptoms.

Experts say the coronavirus mostly affects those with low immunity. Therefore, healthcare professionals advise people to boost their immunity. This can help minimize the debilitating effects of the coronavirus. If the immunity is low it can aggravate the symptoms. It can also end in death.

However, if the immunity is high then the chances of surviving the virus is quite high. This is exactly what the Sudarshana Syrup does.

Developments and experiments

Ayurvedic experts in Sri Lanka have now developed the Sudarshana Syrup using western techniques as a suspension. The Ayurvedic Department has officially endorsed the use of this medicine to the people.

A number of countries have developed vaccines to prevent the coronavirus. However, the reality is, these vaccines won’t come to the market until mid 2021. Until then, the coronavirus will continue to affect people. And, there will be many more thousands of deaths as a result.

However, this readily available, easily accessible Sudarshana Syrup can fend off coronavirus until such time a vaccine is developed.

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