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Will winter aggravate coronavirus pandemic?

Will the upcoming season of winter aggravate coronavirus? This is the question in the mind of many right now. The world went through a devastating first wave of this pandemic. And, then a few months later, the second wave came. We are still reeling through the second wave. And, by the time winter arrives in December, some countries might have to go through a third wave. This can have devastating effects on some of the worst-hit countries in Europe.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) earlier debunked the theory that coronavirus can only have devastating effects in cool climates. And, the virus cannot cause much harm to tropical climates. Also, the rate of spread will be slower.

However, this theory was shredded to pieces when coronavirus started spreading fast in the Indian subcontinent, Brazil, Australia and some parts of the United States.

Yet, according to some scientists, the virus can have a longer incubation period in cooler atmospheres. They recommend properly heating food and drinking warm liquids to help ease coronavirus symptoms. In that case, the question before us now is, can winter aggravate coronavirus pandemic?

Will winter aggravate coronavirus pandemic?
Will winter aggravate coronavirus pandemic?

Is coronavirus a seasonal flu?

A number of pundits who refused to accept the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic said this is just another seasonal flu. It will last through the usual season and will disappear once it runs its course. However, so far, there has not been sufficient evidence to suggest that this is true.

Winter can aggravate the symptoms and spread of influenza or other viruses that affect the respiratory system. Coronavirus too was first identified in late November 2020, at the onset of winter. However, unlike other viruses that affect the respiratory system, such as seasonal flu, this didn’t go away with the onset of summer. In fact, the virus just raged on regardless of climate and weather.

Now we have almost completed a full year since the virus was first identified. Yet, during the past 12 months, it didn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, the second wave which came soon after the summer season had been stronger and more devastating than the previous wave. We can only imagine the devastating effects it may have in winter.

How can winter aggravate coronavirus pandemic?

Scientists have already found some evidence that the coronavirus does not favour hot and humid climates. Rather, it has a better chance of thriving in cold and dry conditions. This is the reason why most believe in the possibility that winter aggravates coronavirus pandemic.

Also, during winter, the houses are not very well ventilated. This can also aggravate the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, the scientific consensus is that there is a very good chance of case number spiking in winter.

However, the numbers can be kept low by following the proper health guidelines such as wearing masks and social distancing. It is also important to ensure there is proper ventilation at homes and other public places.


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