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Let’s debunk some coronavirus myths

There are so many coronavirus myths circulating on social media. Although some appear to be credible, some look blatantly erroneous. The World Health Organization has been proving verified and credible information on the coronavirus. However, bogus information continues to be spread via the internet and social media.

Therefore, it is crucial that we take some of these coronavirus myths and tear them apart. Wrong information can mean life or death some who contracts the virus. If you have any doubt if it always helps to take advice from healthcare professionals.

Vitamin supplements

It is widely publicized that an increase in the daily dose of vitamins and minerals can keep the coronavirus away. It is true that micronutrients such as vitamins D and C and zinc play a vital role in maintaining a robust immune system.

However, there is no peer-reviewed research to suggest that supplementing these can either prevent or cure coronavirus.

Stand in the hot sun for 15 minutes   

Let’s debunk some coronavirus myths
Let’s debunk some coronavirus myths


This is a ridiculous suggestion. If you stay in the hot sun for that long, you will end up having a sunstroke. External heat cannot prevent the coronavirus from entering your body. It can make the body heat up. That’s all. It cannot kill the virus that is already in the body. This suggestion is absolutely absurd.

Taking antibiotics

The coronavirus is a virus. It is not a bacterial infection. The only way to create a virus from entering your body is to create antibodies. And, that can be done with a vaccine. Taking antibiotics is not going to help anybody beat anything.

Antibiotic can only be taken in the event a coronavirus patient developing a bacterial infection. In that case, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics. But, it does not cure the virus. It can only cure a bacterial infection.

These are only a very few myths that are being circulated on social media. There are hundreds of more such myths that need debunking.

Why coronavirus myths are so popular?

This novel strain of the coronavirus, or officially known as COVID-19 is a relatively new virus. Very little is known about how it originated and how it mutates. Even the WHO keeps updating information on the virus.

Also, this virus seems to be spreading faster than any other virus. Added to this is the fact that there is no viable vaccine to prevent the virus. This makes people fear this little known virus, which has no cure or prevention method.

Hence, a lot of people make up various remedies to attract the interest of the public. Who would not want to know how to stay safe from this debilitating virus? Anybody would want to take any home remedy available to ward off this virus.

Those who spread such misinformation feed on the insecurities of the people. In case you receive such information, whether they sound credible or not, just double-check it with healthcare professionals. It could mean life or death for someone.

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