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Five biggest COVID mistakes people make

Not heading medical advice is one of the biggest COVID mistakes people make. Coronavirus has been with us for 10 months now. But, some people have still not realized the gravity of this pandemic. Millions have already been infected. More than a million have died. But, there are some who continue to flout health advice.

Biggest COVID mistakes people make
Biggest COVID mistakes people make

What are the biggest COVID mistakes people make?

Panicking, hoarding food, taking alternative medicine without a doctor’s approval are some of the biggest COVID mistakes people make. Doing these things cannot help you protect yourself from this fast-spreading virus.

This is a new virus. Scientists are still studying how it behaves, evolves and mutates. So far, there is no medicine. And, there is no cure for it. A number of countries are developing vaccines. Yet, they won’t reach the market at least until mid-2021.

Until then, we need to take extreme precautions, follow the advice of the professionals and stay safe.

Do not panic

One of the biggest COVID mistakes people make is to panic. We have not witnessed a pandemic of this proportion during our lifetime. This virus also started spreading at lightning speed due to increased and frequent global travel. And, the infection numbers grow faster and the news of all this also reach the people instantaneously.

All of this has caused panic among the people. However, we must remember, that like all the pandemics in world history, this too will be blown over soon. In the meantime, we must take the necessary precautions and stay vigilant. Panicking won’t help us in any way.

Do not take alternative remedies

As there is no specific treatment or cure for this virus, various people and outlets come up with alternative remedies. We all saw how one world leader suggesting to his people that injecting one’s self with bleach or disinfectant could cure the virus.

Although this roused many guffaws around the world, sadly some people took this advice to heart and suffered terrible consequences.

Do not think you are immune

The young millennials seem to believe that the coronavirus cannot touch them. This is far from the truth. A large per cent of the infected are young people. In fact, they carry the virus without displaying any symptoms and infect people who have compromised immune systems.

We must all remember, the virus does not discriminate. It affects both young and old, men and women, rich and poor.

Do not think bright light can protect you

There is a misconception that if you are exposed to a bright light source, like the sun or a light bulb, it can create immunity. This is far from the truth. Many in the West took the virus for granted thinking that summer heat will kill the virus. The summer has gone and winter is on the way. Yet, the virus remains, more potent than ever.

Do not hoard food / essential items

As soon as the pandemic hit and lockdowns were announced, people started hoarding food. In some parts of the world, it was toilet paper. However, emptying supermarket shelves only made it difficult for the poor and vulnerable to access food.

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