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Coronavirus vaccine ready by December

Coronavirus vaccine ready by December is the best news millions of people around the world have been waiting to hear. The devastating coronavirus pandemic started spreading across the world at the beginning of the year. So far it has affected more than 50 million people and killed nearly 1.3 million.

It has affected almost all the countries in the world, apart from a handful of small nations. The virus affected rich and poor, the most powerful people in the world and the most vulnerable. However, apart from managing the symptoms, there was no preventive measure.

There is no medicine to cure or prevent a virus. The only way to make sure that you don’t contract a virus is by getting anti-bodies against the virus created in your body. And, the only way to do this is by a vaccine.

Coronavirus vaccine ready by December
Coronavirus vaccine ready by December

Vaccine progress

As soon as it was realized that coronavirus was turning into a pandemic affecting millions across the world, many countries started developing vaccines. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), at the moment 170 medical laboratories are racing to develop an effective vaccine, which is safe for the public.

According to WHO data there are 155 vaccines in pre-clinical stage, which means they have not yet started trials on humans. There are 39 vaccines in phase two where clinical trials have already begun and 18 are in expanded safety trials. There are 18 vaccines in the efficacy trials. But, none of the vaccines have been approved for general use.

Vaccines normally requires years of testing and go through periods of long clinical trials before being introduced to humans. However, the world has not faced with a health emergency of this scale in a century. Therefore, the urgency is more. And, the longer wait means more deaths. Especially since the northern hemisphere is now on the brink of winter, the possibility of the number cases increasing exponentially his quite high.

Therefore, a safe and effective vaccine is urgently needed to arrest the number of cases and to stop the deaths. Healthcare systems around the world have already been overwhelmed by the number of cases. A vaccine will be able to give them a much-needed respite.

Is coronavirus vaccine ready by December?

Who expects to see a viable vaccine by mid 2021. However, one of the world’s more reputed and biggest biopharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, has said the vaccine developed by them is 90 per cent effective in preventing transmission of the virus on a global scale.

The trials had exceeded the expectations of the experts. They had first hoped for 50 per cent and are now thrilled by the must better success rate. The next step would be to seek an emergency licence to make it available in the global market.

The company hopes to make the vaccine available from the first week of December. They hope to manufacture and distribute over 50m doses of the vaccine within this year.

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