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Can warm weather kill off the coronavirus?

Can warm weather kill off the coronavirus, is the question in the minds of many. If we look at the statistics, among the most affected countries are those in the northern hemisphere. This is not to 8say warmer countries are not affected. As of today (March 28) all the nations around the world are affected by this deadly disease.

Can warm weather kill off the coronavirus?
Can warm weather kill off the coronavirus?

Perhaps this concept, or misconception, came into being because some of the warmer countries around the world reported coronavirus cases much later than countries with cold climates.

How did the misconception begin?

This is another reason why U.S. President did not pay much serious attention to the coronavirus when the outbreak was first detected in China. He believed that by the time the virus hit the U.S. soil, the summer would be in full swing.

And, he therefore, believed that the U.S. would only report a few cases and the country would emerge unscathed from this devastating health crisis. He could not have been more wrong. Today, the U.S. reports more than a 100,000 a much larger number than China.

Can warm weather kill off the coronavirus?

The simple answer is NO. Yes, African countries were late to report coronavirus positive cases. But, that would have been because of the coronavirus’ pattern of spread.

In that case, there would only be a very few countries in the Middle East, one of the hottest regions in the world. However, records put Iran at the 6th place with its 35,408 cases and 2,517 deaths. The number of new cases that were identified today stand at +3,076.

Is the coronavirus seasonal?

The question on the minds of many is whether the coronavirus is seasonal, like the common flu. However, this virus, now named COVID-19, is too new to draw conclusions about its behavior. It has only been in existence for four months. Hence, there has not been enough time to speculate on its potency.

The question is whether the coronavirus has the potential to turn into a seasonal virus. There has not been concrete success on a vaccine so far. Therefore, if the coronavirus turns into a seasonal flu it can have devastating effects on healthcare systems around the world.


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