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Can alkaline foods prevent coronavirus infection?

There are many theories about how alkaline foods prevent coronavirus infection. However, whether there is any truth to this claim is highly debated.

It says that consuming foods rich in alkaline can boost your immune system. Therefore, it can prevent you from contracting the coronavirus.

There was a detailed list of food items, supposedly having high alkaline content, circulated on social media. And, many have taken it seriously. Let us see whether there is any truth to this matter.

Can alkaline foods prevent coronavirus infection?
Can alkaline foods prevent coronavirus infection?

What does the message say?

The message says the coronavirus is acidic. Therefore, if the body contains high acidic levels it an easily enter the body. However, to keep the virus away, we must increase the alkaline levels in the body. And, the message goes on to list out food items that supposedly contain high alkaline levels.

Among some alkaline foods prevent coronavirus infection are lemon, lime, pineapple, avocado, mango, garlic and oranges. Contrary to popular belief, although these foods contain high acidic levels, once they go through metabolism, they turn into alkaline.

Is there any truth to this?

The first point is viruses don’t contain acids. So, that point has no validity at all. The supposed message has taken some information from a study done in 1991. And, then it has misinterpreted its object to mislead the public.

We must keep in mind that we are dealing with the novel coronavirus. The virus that was prevalent in 1991 is quite different from the present COVID-19. Also, the study conducted in 1991 is not about the acidity of the virus itself. But, it is about a study done on rats.

Therefore, if the coronavirus has no pH value, then would alkaline foods prevent coronavirus infection? The answer is no.

Why is this message dangerous?

There is a very fine pH balance in the human body. If the value changes to either too much acidity or too much alkaline is can have dangerous effects on health. Therefore, if someone were to consume a large quantity of alkaline-producing foods if can have very dangerous effects.

In that case, if someone has a compromised immunity due to having too much alkaline in their body, that person is susceptible to contracting various illnesses, including the coronavirus.

Therefore, following advice given in such messages can be quite counterproductive and downright dangerous!

Do alkaline foods prevent coronavirus infection?

In conclusion, what we have to say that consuming large quantities of alkaline-rich food cannot keep a virus at bay. The important thing to remember is that the virus does not have a pH value.

If you come in contact with an infected person, there is very little you can do to prevent it from entering your body. But, what you can do is to minimize its bad effects. Compromising your immune system by consuming a large quantity of alkaline food is not the way to do it.

Therefore, make sure to take a balanced meal, follow health guidelines and keep away from crowded places.


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